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Marietta, GA 30060
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In compliance with The State's amended Drought Response Level 4, beginning March 1, 2008, citizens may hand water established landscapes for 25 minutes on the odd/even schedule from Midnight - 10 AM.  Hand watering is defined as one person, with one hose with an automatic shutoff nozzle.

On Tuesday, May 27, 2008, The Cobb County Board of Commissioners adopted a revised Drought Response Plan. Beginning April 1, 2008, citizens who complete the State of Georgia's online water conservation class at will be able to water newly installed landscape for 10 weeks on the odd/even schedule from Midnight - 10 AM.  The online class has a cost of $4.95.  The class may also be taken at Cobb County Extension Office at no charge.  Please call 770-528-4070 to make an appointment.

In order to qualify for a new landscape exemption the customer must pass the state’s water conservation class.  For a business or a homeowners association a representative from the property must pass the class. For an individual home a property owner must pass the class.  A completion certificate, along with the new landscape exemption form, and a receipt for purchase or installation must be sent to the following address or click here to apply online:

Cobb County Water Efficiency Program
660 South Cobb Drive
Marietta, GA 30060
Fax #: 770.419.6478

Download this form to be used with proof of installation.

Many of our customers have invested a significant amount of time and money into their landscape. For tips about helping your most valued plants survive the outdoor water ban, download this survival guide.

 The Cobb County Water System's New Toilet Rebate Program:

The biggest water user in the home is the toilet. Up to 45% of the water used indoors is flushed down the drain everyday. Cobb County Water System is introducing a toilet rebate program approved by the Board of Commissioners on October 29, 2007. The goal of the program is to provide an incentive for customers in homes built prior to 1993, to retrofit older high flow toilets with new low flow technology. Cobb County Water System also offers customers low flow retrofit kits to help them achieve greater water savings. Please contact the water efficiency program for a retrofit kit. Customers will be eligible to receive rebates for up to 3 toilets per home. If the same brand and model toilets are chosen please fill out one application if different models are chosen fill out one application for each model. This program is available for approved toilets purchased on, or after the Drought level 4 declaration on September 20, 2007.

The program has two rebate options. The first is a $50.00 rebate for the purchase of any approved 1.6 gallon per flush toilet on the approved toilet list. The $50.00 list will be updated every year, coinciding with the annual Maximum Performance Testing.

The second program option is a $100.00 rebate for high efficiency toilets, toilets using 1.28 gallons per flush, which have earned the WaterSense Label. WaterSense is the Environmental Protection Agency’s labeling program for water efficiency. WaterSense labeled toilets will have the label on the product. That list will be updated quarterly as WaterSense adds newly labeled products.

For additional questions or information on the toilets please view our Frequently asked questions.

Please submit the original purchase receipt and the application to:

Water Efficiency Program
660 South Cobb Dr.
Marietta, GA 30060

Click here for the Application.

Toilet Valve Rebate Program

Up to two hundred gallons of water a day can be lost to toilet leaks, many of them are silent. More than a gallon of water can be wasted every flush waiting for the tank to refill. In an effort to target wasted water and assist our multi-family customers, Cobb County Water System is offering a 50% rebate on the purchase of HydroClean 660 Toilet Valves for master metered and multi-family properties.

The HydroClean 660 valve offers a two-pronged savings. First, it can be adjusted to eliminate the additional water sent down the overflow tube after the tank has filled. Secondly, it is the only valve with jets at the bottom of the tank that send an auditory signal anytime the toilet is leaking, alerting customers to leaks, and prompting immediate repair.

Taking advantage of this program is easy. The management of the property simply purchases the valves and has them installed. Then fill out the application form and submit it and your original receipt to the Water efficiency Program for a credit on your water bill in the amount of 50% of the purchase price.

For more information on eligibility and program details review our FAQs.

Download a Toilet Valve Rebate Application.

Pick 10

As we cope with severe drought saving water is critical. Little changes in behavior add up. Join the Pick 10 Campaign. Choose simple tips that add up to a savings of 10 gallons a day. If everyone in Cobb saved just 10 gallons a day we could save 6 million gallons of water everyday.

Download the Pick 10 program guide and learn how you can help!

The history of drought in the Southeast region of the United States demonstrates the importance of conserving our water resources. In response to Georgia’s changing water situation the Georgia Legislature created the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District in 2001. This District was established to develop a comprehensive water plan for the 16 counties that make up metropolitan Atlanta . The District, in cooperation with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, was responsible for monitoring compliance by water providers to ensure adequate quality and quantity of water for the future.

Cobb County Water System has launched the Water Efficiency Program to assist customers with saving water and lowering water bills. There are programs and materials available through our Water Efficiency Program to help you as Cobb County introduces the State requirements. If you wish to receive information on programs or water saving materials please contact our Water Efficiency Office by clicking here.

Have a beautiful lawn the efficient way

One way the Water Efficiency Program is helping customers save water and money, is with a new initiative that encourages customers to maintain their yards with a minimum amount of water. During irrigation season up to 65% of drinking water in Cobb County can be used on outdoor watering. This affects our delivery system by putting a strain on infrastructure, and many people are actually damaging their yards. Over-watering is the number one killer of plants, not drought. The habit of shallow watering every other day creates weak, water-dependent plants unlikely to survive any adverse conditions.

The new program — Give them an inch…Grow a yard! , gives customers information and materials to help them achieve the beautiful landscapes they want while saving water, and raising healthier plants. Neighborhoods can become Give them an inch…Grow a yard! Communities by having Water System staff come out and give a presentation on efficient outdoor water use or by distributing our educational materials. Click here to see participating water efficient communities.

Local businesses can become Give them an inch…Grow a yard! Partners by carrying our educational materials for their customers. Click here to see participating water efficient businesses.

To find out more on how to help your neighborhood or local business become a Give them an inch…Grow a Yard! Partner or Community Click here.

To contact the Cobb County Water Efficiency office, call: (770) 419-6244 or Click here.

Additional Resources
(You must have Adobe Acrobat to open these files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, please click the button to download it for free)

irrigation audit   To download the Cobb County Water System Irrigation System Audit in a pdf format click the brochure cover.

water efficiency audit  

To download the Cobb County Water System Home Water Audit in a pdf format click the brochure cover.
By completing this questionnaire and submitting it to the Water Efficiency Program, Cobb citizens may qualify for free water saving devices and water efficiency information.

how to read your water meter
Learning how to read your water meter is an important step in becoming water efficient as well as finding leaks in your home.
Click here to download our guide on reading your meter and checking for leaks.

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Best  Management Practices Guide

Pool Maintenance Best Management Practices Guide

As of April 1, 2008, pools were allowed to open.  The key to saving water and enjoying your pool for the summer is proper maintenance.  For more information on how to enjoy your pool and still preserve our water resources download our “Pool Maintenance Best Management Practices Guide."


FAQs for Cobb County’s Drought Response Plan

What is the Cobb County Drought Response Plan?
It is Cobb County’s emergency response plan to deal with the severe 150 year drought event.

Click the image on the left to read more.

Additional Resources for Water Efficient Ideas– In this virtual tour of a typical home, the user is given conservation tips as they move through the house.– This website provides information on the correct flappers to purchase when repairing and replacing toilets. Instructions on how to replace a flapper are presented also.

Irrigation CalculatorPut your yard on a water budget! This link has information on how much water average plants need based on evaporation (water lost from the soil), transpiration (water lost from the plant), and precipitation received. Enter the dates for the period you would like to calculate. A positive water balance means there are that many inches of moisture available, no need to water. A negative balance means your plants require the equivalent of that many inches in moisture. Check this weekly during irrigation season to avoid over watering